Ministries to the Persian World

helping_handsA partial list of other outreach ministries to the Persian World:

Afghan Bibles - Bibles in the languages of Afghanistan

Afghan Christian Television – A ministry to the world-wide Afghan community

Farsinet – A collection of Iranian-related resources, many of which are Christian. Pages are available in English and Persian

Iran Alive Ministries – An evangelistic, discipleship and church-planting ministry to Iranians

Mohabat TV - Mohabat (love) TV is a Christian television ministry in the Farsi language

Radio Mojdeh – "Good News Radio," a Farsi website featuring helps for seekers and Christian believers, including live radio broadcasts

Sat-7 Pars - A leading Christian Farsi television ministry. Featuring live broadcasts and many other resources.

Pamir Radio (Sadaye Zindagi) - Online radio station broadcasting Christian programming in Dari

Talim Ministries - A Persian (Farsi) website containing the Shaban magazine as well as printed, audio, and video teaching materials for Iranian Christians

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