Follow-up counseling

Radio listeners and website and social media visitors contact us to request more spiritual help. We provide them with follow-up counseling.

Many of their questions are about the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ.  We sometimes have discussions with them about the resurrection of Christ or the Trinity because these are issues that trouble them. 

They also tell us about their personal struggles such as family problems, unemployment, discouragement, addictions, and even thoughts of suicide.

Here are responses from some of them:

veiled young woman“I thank God for your programs. They’re the only thing that makes my heart rejoice. Every day I listen with hope to hear a new message. I asked my mother not to turn on the TV from 8-10:00 pm every evening so I can listen to your radio programs. 

"Your messages introduced me to God and have helped me to be at peace with Him. Your programs have caused my faith in Jesus to be strengthened. I love God with all my heart. I have come to faith in the living Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Lord.

"I beg you to teach people like me how to live out their new faith. How can we become more like Jesus each day? I don’t have a New Testament or a Bible. I don’t know any other believers in this city or if there is any church here, nor if I am allowed to go there. 

"The only thing that causes me to rejoice is your radio programs. In the past few months I have come to know and love these programs. You have caused me to come closer to almighty God and, as a result, God has made many changes in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you again.”

“Thank you for answering all my questions. Do not forget us when you pray. I wish I knew why everyone leaves Iran as soon as they come to know the Lord. We need them here! And we need shepherds for all these sheep.  No wonder some new Christians follow false doctrine. We have no shepherds and we are wandering like sheep and go from one place to another.

"I know the Lord has not forgotten us. Let Satan be warned: we will never leave the Lord! We will still stay to the end. We do not seek after worldly things. We seek the Lord in heaven and His righteousness.”

Our follow-up staff depends on the Lord for wisdom as they respond to these concerns and provide follow-up counseling. We pray for those who contact us and ask God to work in His incomparable way to bring help and hope to those who face darkness and despair. 

Thank you for praying for our follow-up team and for the dear listeners who contact us.

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