Connecting on social media

We have joined the world of social media and launched Farsi Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram pages. All of these apps are popular with Iranians, and our pages are growing in popularity. Many Iranians have been learning about Jesus Christ through our posts.

The content of our posts varies from day to day. We often promote content on the Radio Mojdeh website. We often include an intriguing photo or a video to capture people’s attention. Recently we promoted a two-part radio program series on our Youth Round Table discussions on the topic of persecution. We always encourage people to submit comments and to share the web link with their friends if it has blessed them.instagram logo

Another strategy is to pose a challenging question. For example, we might ask: Can Christian women dress however they like or wear any kind of makeup they like? The goal is to “stir up the pot,” as one of our producers puts it, and get people to think. Other questions might center on Bible verses: What does the Apostle Paul mean when he says he can do all things through Christ Who strengthens him?

We often post Bible verses because God's Word can have a powerful effect on people. Or a beautiful photo and interesting description might lead our friends to a blog, perhaps based on a Biblical theme such as the narrow door.

Telegram Logo 4Whenever our friends ask questions, our follow up team posts answers. If it is a confidential matter, we send private messages to the people. But after that we connect them with an email address for further contact and counseling.

The goal is to use Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram to move people to our Radio Mojdeh website and internet radio broadcasts, satellite radio broadcasts, and mobile apps where they will find more information about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in written and audio format. Instagram and Facebook are cutting-edge tools that can be used to uniquely penetrate the hearts of the Iranians of today.

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