• Across Iran by bicycle

    "I wept as I watched it."  So said a friend who lived in Iran for many years and still loves the Iranian people.

    Many non-Iranians only get their news about Iran from the media and don't know what the average Iranian is really like.

    This well-done video pres ...

  • Can normal people love Jesus, Muslims, and America—at the same time?

    If you live in America or you’re packing a US passport in a far-away land, you may be aware that we’re living through some crazy days here. Really, we talk about it all over, so even if you’re not an American you may be aware as well. I’m not super old, but I’ ...

  • Don't give up sowing!

    The years prior to the Islamic Revolution in Iran contrasted sharply with the Iran of today.  There was relative freedom to sow the Seed of God’s Word across the country.  A lot of it went out through personal witness, preaching and teaching, radio, literature ...

  • 5 reasons Muslims convert

    Muslims are becoming Jesus followers in many countries of the world.

    The COMMA Network has published the results of a survey of 750 Muslims who converted to Christianity. 

    It concludes there are five predominant reasons why Muslims choose to follow Christ.  ...

  • Iran's newest fighters are sidewalk vendors

    From his stall piled with pears, apples, dates and the dark brown fruit of oak trees, Ali Jafari watches the gentle stream of shoppers at the weekly sidewalk market.

    They are bundled in scarves and long thermal T-shirts on an overcast, chilly morning on the f ...

  • The beauty of Bandar-e Anzali

    Bandar-e Anzali is an Iranian harbor town on the Caspian Sea, close to the city of Rasht, in northern Iran.  "Bandar" means "port" in Farsi.  Bandar-e Anzali had been called Bandar-e Pahlavi during the pre-1979 Shah Pahlavi dynasty.

    This town is one of the mo ...

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Tourism in the Persian World

The following websites feature information for those who are interested in touring Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan. We are not responsible for the… Read more
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Tajikistan Country Profile

Tajikistan is a small republic in Central Asia, bordering Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan. Most of its land area is mountainous. The… Read more
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Spreading the Word on the phone

Mobile phone technology couldn’t be more perfect for our outreach to Iranians. Mobile phones, smartphones in particular, are very common in Iran. In fact, there are more cell phones in Iran than there are people. This… Read more

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