• Strategic outreach to Iranians

    When I first went to Iran more than 40 years ago, I was immediately struck with how difficult it was to reach the many millions of Iranians with the Gospel. 

    Most lived in scattered villages where it was hard to contact them without arousing suspicion. Some ...

  • History through Persian eyes

    Alexander the Great destroyed the ancient Persian city of Persepolis in 330 BC. Some believe he did it to make the Persian World more civil. 

    But history teaches us otherwise. 

    The Persian Empire was worth conquering because it was the greatest ...

  • "You took a heavy burden from me"

    Millions of Iranians and other Persian speakers are open to the Gospel and want to know more about Jesus Christ.

    Countless numbers log in to the Persian website, open their mobile apps, or tune their radios and satellite dishes to our radio station to hear God’s ...

  • Iranian worship music impacting hearts

    Many years ago missionaries brought Western hymns to Iran that were translated into Farsi for the church to use. As the Gospel began to spread in Iran, the Lord used gifted Iranian Christians such as Haik Hovsepian and Vruir Avanessian to create worshipful music for the ...

  • God created an evangelist!

    The Lord has called us to proclaim the Word of God.  Only He can make the changes in the human heart, and He uses His Word to do that.  We teach the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit makes the application to each individual heart. 

    God works in ways ...

  • Building a solid foundation

    Sound Bible teaching is necessary for all Christians.  Believers need to draw comfort, strength and guidance from the Scriptures to face the ordeals of life.

    Unfortunately, false teachers are attempting to deceive Christians in the world, just as the New ...

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Allah in Islam

Muslims believe there is one God and his name is Allah. What is Allah like? How does he relate to people? What is his relationship to Jesus? And how can Christians build bridges to Muslims? This… Read more
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Outreach resources

Here are some resources to help you reach out to Iranians and other Persians: The Jesus Film - The Jesus Film (alternatively called "Jesus") is a full-length, Biblical dramatic film that depicts the… Read more

The Cutting Edge

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What's in the future?

Voice of Christ Media Ministries is constantly monitoring the tech landscape for better ways to send our message to Iranian people. Over the years, old technologies have died and new ones have been created. Future… Read more

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