• Engage Muslims with Christ

    God wants the nations to know Christ – so He brought them to your doorstep.

    You see Muslims in your neighborhoods, schools, grocery stores, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Muslims are more open to the Good News than we realize, but there ar ...

  • 5 Ways Persecution in Iran Has Backfired

    "The Bible is full of stories reminding us that, whatever the opposition, God is always victorious. It’s the story of Joseph before Potiphar’s wife, of Moses before Pharaoh, of Daniel before the lions, of Esther before King Ahasuerus, of Peter and John before ...

  • Islam's public and private face

    Have you wondered if Islam has both a public and a private face?

    Wonder no more. Dr. Warren Larson of The Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies has written a relevent article entitled, “Islam’s Public and Private Face.”

    Dr. Larson writes, "What is not public is t ...

  • Another kind of revolution in the Muslim World
    By Fouad Masri, Director of the Crescent Project. Although his comments apply directly to Arab countries, similar forces are at work in the hearts of people in Iran.

    I hope you are watching all that is going on in the Muslim world. God is on the move. Muslims ...

  • Everyday life in Iran

    Photographer Adam Chidell spent three weeks travelling through Iran. 

    He shares his thoughts on some of the photos he took.  See them on the BBC News website.

    Chidell is a 28-year-old teacher, writer and photographer, currently based in London.

    For more pho ...

  • Round table discussions for youth

    Two-thirds of the population of Iran is under 30 years of age. Iranian young people are well-educated, tech-savvy and vitally interested in the issues facing the entire world, not just Iran. They have strong opinions and want to express themselves openly.

    Rec ...

  • How we reach the Persian World

    During the Cold War, God used Christian radio to bring hope to those suffering behind the Iron Curtain. Today Voice of Christ Media Ministries is reaching behind the veil of Islam with the life-changing message of God’s Word.

    Radio programs are born in the pr ...

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Allah in Islam

Muslims believe there is one God and his name is Allah. What is Allah like? How does he relate to people? What is his relationship to Jesus? And how… Read more
7 Ways to Share with Muslims

Ways to share your faith with Muslims

Trevor Castor writes that a friend recently told him that he was afraid to talk to Muslims about Jesus. His fear was not the result of watching the… Read more
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You Tube Videos Reach More Iranians

In order to reach more Iranians, we continue adding new media tools to our ministry strategy. For example, we are now posting short videos on YouTube. Our Radio Mojdeh YouTube channel has over 80 videos. The videos are… Read more

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