• Reaching lost youth

    The youth culture of Iran today is in crisis.

    Escalating social problems such as unemployment, drug abuse, prostitution and suicide weigh heavily on the general population, but especially on youth. With 70 percent of the population under 3 ...

  • A message to all Muslims

    We are Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. We know how some of you have treated some of our Christian brothers and sisters. But we love you, and our hearts are burdened for you.

    And so we share this video message with you and call you to Jesus who loves yo ...

  • The Beauty of Iran

    In the middle of all the political turmoil, this short video presents a different and welcome side of the land of Iran.

    Depicted are the nature, scenery, places and people of this beautiful country. You'll see out-of-the-way places where the average tourist n ...

  • Iran's top 10 tourist destinations

    It is possible to go to Iran as a tourist and have a great time visiting interesting places and getting to know friendly people.

    As Iran makes a push to increase inbound tourism, staff journalist of The Guardian takes a look at Iran's top tourist destinations ...

  • The Foreigner Among Us

    In light of the violent events that have increased migration around the world, many Christians are being lured into a posture of anger and hatred toward those from other lands.

    In this pivotal time, it is crucial that the Church leads the way in revealing God’ ...

  • Pray for Iranians

    One of the best ways you can serve is by praying for Iranians and the outreach of Voice of Christ Media Ministries to them.

    Here are 10 strategic ways you can reach out to Iranians with Christ's love by praying for them:

    1.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will pr ...

  • Don't Waste Your Life!

    "You've worked for it. Now enjoy it. 20 years perhaps of play. Ease while the world uncared for medically, uneducated, filthy water, poverty-stricken, unevangelized - sink under the weight of healthy sixty-five year old people playing bridge, shuffleboard and ...

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Journey to Jesus DVD

Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America… Read more

Persian World news sources

Sources of up-to-date news. We are not responsible for the content of these sites. Afghanistan: Afghan News - News from Afghan Online Press AsiaNews… Read more
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RadioMojdeh Home Page

New Look for the Radio Mojdeh Website

God has given us a number of cutting-edge media tools to use for evangelizing and discipling Iranians around the world. One of them is our Farsi Radio Mojdeh website that we launched seven years ago. The website… Read more

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