• 30 Days Muslim prayer focus - May 27-June 25

    You can help change the world! The "30 Days Prayer Focus on the Muslim World" coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan. The dates this year are May 27-June 25. This is the largest ongoing international call for Christians to pray for the Muslim world.  It is ...

  • Who are the Persians?

    The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia around 1200 BC. The ancient Persians settled in what is now Iran ...

  • Prepared messengers, prepared seekers

    God is powerfully moving in the hearts of Iranians and preparing them. Many have come to discover that Islam does not meet their deepest needs and are actively seeking to know about Jesus Christ.

    However, it's not enough for people to simply have prepared hea ...

  • Transportation and Segregation in Tehran

    “Move towards me Bahar, farther back please,” Mom kept telling me with a glare.  It was my first time riding a bus in Tehran.  Until then, I had only peered through the buses from the street, while trying to capture a photo of how men and women sit in separate ...

  • Program production

    The Voice of Christ Media Ministries team writes, records, and mixes our programs in professional-quality studios equipped with the latest computer and recording technology.

    Our programs always contain Christ-centered messages from God’s Word. We do not get i ...

  • Ladan's story

    Ladan is an Iranian who became a follower of Jesus.  Her moving story is both amazing and encouraging. 

    It gives a glimpse into the courage of the Iranian church and the hunger of the Iranian people to read the Word of God. 

    View the video here.  It was prod ...

Resources to Help You


Bridges Training

Bridges is recommended curriculum developed by Crescent Project meant to introduce Christians to Islam and pave the way for building relationships… Read more

Allah in Islam

Muslims believe there is one God and his name is Allah. What is Allah like? How does he relate to people? What is his relationship to Jesus? And how… Read more
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The Cutting Edge

smartphone user

New advancements in mobile technology

Like people everywhere, Iranians have favorite mobile phone apps that they use regularly. Mobile phone technology is on the cutting edge of modern day communication, especially among the younger generation of Iranians… Read more

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