Radio Mojdeh mobile apps

Mobile Apps 2018Many Iranians use mobile apps on their smartphones to listen to Radio Mojdeh and access our other media.

Like people everywhere, Iranians have favorite mobile phone apps that they use regularly. Mobile phone technology is on the cutting edge of modern day communication, especially among the younger generation of Iranians who happen to be more open to the Gospel.

This is why we have created both Android and Apple (iOS) versions of a mobile app. Both play our 24/7 Radio Mojdeh internet radio station and link to the Radio Mojdeh website, Facebook page, and Telegram and YouTube channels.

The entire smartphone world runs on two different operating systems. Most run Android, but a significant percentage run Apple. Most smartphones in Iran today use the Android operating system. Use of iPhones is low because of the embargo on Apple products. But in other countries where Iranians live, iPhones are also widely used.

Both of our mobile apps utilize cutting edge technology that plays “adaptive bit rate” audio streams. This means that the tradeoff between sound quality and data use is automatic. Users with faster internet connections are served with a high quality audio. Those with poor internet service hear lower quality audio. This adaptive bit rate stream is well suited to Iran where many parts of the country have poor internet service.

We are very thankful that the number of people frequently using our Radio Mojdeh apps is increasing. Of course, our goal in using smartphone technology is to enable Iranians to learn about Christ and to clearly hear and understand God’s Word.

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